Cairo Custom House Museum: (IL) The Cairo Custom House Museum, constructed in 1872, is home to many historical buildings including the Museum where customs were collected for all imports traveling past Cairo by river.

Chicago Maritime Society: (IL) The Chicago Maritime Society currently maintains a maritime history research facility, which is open by appointment.

Great Lakes Naval Museum: (IL) The Naval Training Center Great Lakes Museum Exhibit is a government-owned and operated museum dedicated to telling the story "boot camp" training in the United States Navy, and in particular, the Naval Training Station/Center Great Lakes, Illinois.

Illinois and Michigan Canal Museum: (IL) At a stroke, the opening of the Illinois and Michigan Canal in 1848 gave Illinois the key to mastery of the American mid-continent. The dream of the canal had animated every vision and underlaid every plan for Illinois for 200 years before. As that vision was realized, the canal's commissioners laid out a canal port that would grow into a great metropolis. And their fellow citizens patented agricultural and industrial innovations that would make this the richest economic zone the world had ever seen. That Illinois is now the most populous inland American state, and Chicago the greatest city of the American heartland, are directly traceable to the 97-mile ditch that linked the Great Lakes to the Illinois and Mississippi rivers.

Mississippi River Visitor Center:  (IL) The Mississippi River Visitor's Center is located on the Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island, Illinois at Lock and Dam 15 , overlooking the Upper Mississippi River. The Mississippi River Visitor's Center is operated by the Mississippi River Project of the Rock Island District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Since the early 1800's the Corps of Engineers has been instrumental in making the river navigable for both commercial and recreational vessels. From early April through mid December visitors from around the world come to the visitor's center to watch boats pass through the lock.

Museum of Science and Industry: (IL) The U-505 is a German World War II Type-IXc Unterseeboot (submarine) that was captured in battle on the high seas by boarding parties from the USS Guadalcanal task group on 4 June 1944 is now at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.