Belle of Louisville Steamer: (KY) The steamboat now known as the Belle of Louisville first floated on the Allegheny River at Pittsburgh. She was built there by James Rees & Sons Company for the West Memphis Packet Company in 1914. Her original name was the Idlewild, and her sturdy, well-built frame sat atop a steel hull that needed only five feet of water to float. Such a shallow draft allowed her passage on practically every navigable waterway in the country -- a feature she has used to its full advantage throughout her remarkable life.

Mayor Andrew Broaddus (River Coast Guard Station): (KY) Mayor Andrew Broaddus (ex-Life-Saving Station No. 10), is a floating former Coast Guard life-saving station usually moored at the foot of Fourth Street, on the Ohio River at Louisville, Kentucky. The Broaddus now serves as the wharfboat, housing offices and shops for the city's other historic vessel, Belle of Louisville.

Portland Museum:  (KY) The Portland Museum tells the history of the Ohio River region with dioramas, exhibits, and video documentaries