North Carolina

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Cape Fear Museum: (NC) The Cape Fear Museum was founded in 1898 and is an agency of New Hanover County. A Maritime Pavilion exhigits maritime objects/vessels. Among its collections are ship models, paintings, ship guns, and relics salvaged from sunken vessels.

CSS Neuse State Historic Site: (NC) At the CSS Neuse State Historic Site in Kinston, North Carolina, the remnants of the ironclad gunboat CSS Neuse, a product of the Confederate navy's ill-fated attempt to regain control of the lower Neuse River and retake the city of New Bern during the Civil War. The site also provides information on the celebrated life of Richard Caswell, the first governor of the independent state of North Carolina.

Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station: (NC) The famous North Carolina Outer Banks and its many Coast Guard Stations form the core of the information on exhibit here at the site on the "Graveyard of the Atlantic."

Fort Fisher Historic Site: (NC) Fort Fisher was the largest of the earthen seacoast fortifications defending the last major port open to the Confederacy in 1865.. Site boasts scenic easements of both the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum: (NC) The Graveyard of the Atlantic -- around Cape Hatteras off Bodie Island / Hatteras Island is the area where over 600 ships have been wrecked along this treacherous stretch of coast since the 16th century, a few remain visible at times on the beaches. Visit this site to learn more.

Museum Of The Albemarle: (NC) Located in Elizabeth City, NC, the Museum of the Albemarle is the northeastern regional branch of the North Carolina Museum of History. Serving thirteen counties in northeastern North Carolina, the museum allows visitors to explore the history of the oldest section of North Carolina, many times considered the birthplace of English America.

Museum of The Cape Fear: (NC) The history and culture of Southern North Carolina is collected and preserved here along with important Civil War history.

North Carolina Maritime Museum: (NC) Located on the Intracoastal Waterway, the museum is a mariner's haven. And its boatshop is in constant action.

North Carolina Maritime Museum on Roanoke Island: (NC) The North Carolina Maritime Museum on Roanoke Island in located in a building named after George Washington Creef, a local boat builder who developed a unique style of workboat suited to the surrounding waters of the Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds.

North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport: (NC) The North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport houses a collection of memorabilia pertaining to the vast nautical history of "The Lower Cape Fear" area of southeastern North Carolina.

Outer Banks Lighthouse Society: (NC) The Outer Banks Lighthouse Society, organized in 1994 to aid in the preservation of the lighthouses in the area and work with the National Park Service and other agencies and non-profit groups to achieve the safe-keeping of the buildings, artifacts and records of the old United States Lighthouse Establishment, a.k.a. U.S. Light-House Board and Bureau of Lighthouses and U.S. Lighthouse Service.The Outer Banks Lighthouse Society invites you to join us in celebrating North Carolina's Lighthouses.

Roanoke Canal Museum and Trail: (NC) Welcome to the Roanoke Canal Museum in Roanoke Rapids, NC. Step back in time with us toward the end of the 18th century. Imagine, if you will, our forefathers. Their fight for independence behind them, they now turned toward the task of developing this country, not only socially and politically, but also economically.

Roanoke Island Festival Park: (NC) Roanoke Island Festival Park blends history, education, and the arts in a lively celebration of Roanoke Island as the Birthplace of English America. Explore the island's unique role in maritime history from the time before England's first attempt to colonize North America in the late 16th century to the early 20th century.

Roanoke River (Replica) Lighthouse & Museum (NC) The Roanoke River Light had three lives: first in 1835 when Congress funded the construction of a lightship vessel for the mouth of the Roanoke River. But the Civil War ended its existence; the second was a screwpile lighthouse set in the river itself. Thawing of winter ice fractured two of the piles and the lighthouse sank; the third was constructed in 1866 and remained in operation until it was decommissioned in the 1950s. This true replica of the original Roanoke River Light, constructed from the original 1866 plans and completed in 2002, provides the visitor with a splendid idea of the lighthouse.

Southport Maritime Museum (NC) Among the newest maritime museums, Southport is on the south bank of the Cape Fear River and focuses on the extraordinary maritime history and heritage of this area.

U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship Memorial (NC) 30 miles up the Cape Fear River at Wilmington, North Carolina, rests the USS North Carolina in alligator-infested waters. A visit in this grandly restored WWII battleship shows how the thousands of sailors lived and fought on this dreadnought.