New Hampshire

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John Paul Jones Theme Site: (NH) The father of the American Navy visited Portsmouth twice dividing his time between things social and things military. Visit this site to learn all about John Paul Jones.

New Hampshire Boat Museum: (NH) The NHA&CBM is a museum, at Weirs, New Hampshire, honors the New Hampshire Lakes region's boating heritage and its role in the cultural and social fabric of the Lakes Region. The Museum focuses on maritime history relating to the boating history of the United States in general and the Lakes Region in particular.

Piscataqua Gundalow Project: (NH) The reproduction gundalow, "Captain Edward H. Adams," honors the last of the men who piloted gundalows on the rivers of the basin. It is located at Portsmouth, NH. It also serves as a reminder of the important role the river has had in shaping the history of the area. Gundalow technology has connections as ancient and distant as the Nile River feluccas, which still use lateen sails. Local people added some new features to this ancient sailing barge: a leeboard for stability, a cuddy for crew quarters and a cutwater for bow decoration.

Portsmouth Athenaeum: (NH) The Portsmouth Athenaeum at Portsmouth, NH, maintains maritime history collections (manuscripts, log books, book collections, photograph collections). Visit the Athenaeum's reading room and view half-lift builder's models, fully rigged ship models, and marine paintings.

Strawberry Banke Museum: (NH) Strawbery Banke at Portsmouth, NH, is now offering new thematic tours where visitors can use their imagination and a new visitors guide to explore the Strawbery Banke grounds. Choose from a list of seven tours which include the "general Introductory Walk" "It's About the Sea" "Portsmouth Craftsmanship" "The Family Walk" "The Story of Families Black and White" "Through the Garden Gates" and the "Prized Possessions Walk."

USS Albacore Submarine: (NH) Designed, built and maintained by the skilled engineers and craftsmen of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Albacore served as a sea-going test platform from 1953 to 1972. Albacore's teardrop-shaped hull was the prototype for the Navy's nuclear powered submarine force and was the first boat built specifically to operate underwater.