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Alfred S. Brownell Collection of Atlantic Coast Fishing Craft Models: (RI) In the Providence Publice Library¹s Special Collection Section, The Alfred S. Brownell Collection of Ship Models and Books on Maritime History is located. There are also fourteen other collections. Of additional maritime interest is the Paul C. Nicholson whaling collection. The heart of this fascinating collection is the 750 logbooks which record the events of over 1,000 whaling voyages.

Beavertail Lighthouse Museum Association: (RI) Since 1749, the Beavertail Lighthouse has guided mariners from its site at the tip of Narragansett Bay on Conanicut Island at Jamestown, Rhode Island.

Chaffee Blackstone National Corridor:  (RI) The Chaffee Blackstone National Corridor, at Lincoln, RI, is a special type of national park. It is a region of nearly 400,000 acres located within Worcester County in central Massachusetts and Providence County in northern Rhode Island. The centers, and river access, provide historicals views through the parks and museums along the Blackstone Canal and Towpath cutting through town limits and south across the state line into Rhode Island in its rush to Narragansett Bay, forty-three miles to the south.

Herreshoff Marine Museum: (RI) The Herreshoff Marine Museum, founded in 1971, commemorates the unique accomplishments of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, which existed from 1863 to 1946 during the "Golden Age of Yachting." John Brown Herreshoff founded the company and in 1878 he took his younger borther, Nathaniel Greene Herreshoff, into partnership. This website depicts, through photographs, the work of the Herrshoffs -- their vessels and fine boatbuilding techniques. Come visit.

International Yacht Restoration School: (RI) The International Yacht Restoration School is a not-for-profit educational institution in Newport, Rhode Island. A full-time, state licensed vocational program in the restoration and construction of classic watercraft is enhanced by an historic waterfront campus and marina, which is open to the public year-round.

The Museum of Newport History: (RI) The Museum of Newport History offers a spectacular overview that brings Newport's history to life. The Newport Historical Society uses the finest of decorative arts, artifacts of everyday life, graphics, historic photographs, and audio-visual programs to tell Newport's story. The museum contains fine ship models, brilliant paintings, exquisite colonial silver, the printing press used by James Franklin, a ball gown worn by a member of the Summer Colony, the figurehead from the yacht Aloha, and much more.

Museum of Yachting: (RI) Located in Fort Adams State Park, the museum focus is on local sailing history including an America's Cup Gallery in a community of mansions and yachts.

Naval War College: (RI) The museum covers the evolution and technology of sea warfare, including a history of the development of the torpedo in the US.

Providence (Reproduction-18th Century Sloop): (RI) History comes alive aboard the Continental Sloop Providence! This 110' fully rigged sailing vessel is the faithful replica of John Paul Jones' first command. During her distinguished Naval career, the 12-gun Providence sank or captured 40 British enemy ships! Now you can experience the thrill and excitement of "living history" by joining us for a sail on beautiful Narragansett Bay.

The Rhode Island Historical Society Library: (RI) The Rhode Island Historical Society Library is housed in the Heritage Harbor Museum, which is to be built in Narragansett Electric's former South Street Power Plant, with a maximum capacity of 260,000 square feet, it will house library, historical, and museum collections is a place where all these treasures and resources can be saved for public enjoyment or research.

Rose Island Lighthouse and Museum: (RI) The Rose Island Lighthouse and Museum, a mile offshore and beyond the reach of Newport¹s utility lines and services, the Lighthouse stands as an independent, energy-efficient building that was home to keepers and their families for over a hundred years. Even you can become a keeper and stay awhile. Come sign up.

South County Museum: (RI) The South County Museum in Narragansett Rhode Island opened in 1933 to preserve the rural and village heritage of Rhode Island.

Steamship Historical Society of America: (RI) Steamship Historical Society of America Collection was founded in 1940 and maintains one of the largest libraries in North America devoted exclusively to steamboat and steamship history.  This professionally staffed facility is within easy walking distance of Amtrak's Baltimore railroad station.

University of Rhode Island Library:  (RI) The University of Rhode Island Special Collections Department, at Kingston, RI, includes 6,075 linear feet of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century material, including ferryboat, mill, oyster bed and fishery records, personal and political papers, store ledgers, journals, and weather statistics. The collection also contains over 137,500 photographs from 1889 to the present.

USS Saratoga Museum:  (RI) The Saratoga is at this time still the property of the US Navy, and is not yet open to the public. We have recently taken a major step forward in our efforts to bring the vision of the Air, Land & Sea Heritage and Technology Park to reality with the acquisition of a former adversary - the ex-Soviet cruise missile submarine Juliett 484, which is now open to the public. More information on how you can visit this unique artifact of the Cold War can be found here. A summary of the Heritage and Technology Park project can be viewed by selecting this link. USS Saratoga Museum Foundation / Russian Submarine Museum may be found at: http://www.saratogamuseum.com