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Battleship Texas: (TX) The USS TEXAS (BB35), the only surviving U.S. naval vessel to have seen service in both World Wars, is permanently moored in a slip on the Houston Ship Channel adjoining the San Jacinto Battleground State Historical Park. The Navy towed her to Texas in 1948 to become the nation s first memorial battleship. She was officially transferred to the state of Texas in ceremonies at a new berth near San Jacinto Battleground on April 21, 1948. For 35 years, TEXAS was administered by the Battleship TEXAS Commission. During that time, she was designated a National Historical Engineering Landmark (1975) and a National Historic Landmark (1977). She became part of the Texas State Park System on September 1, 1983.

Corpus Christi Museum of Science & Industry: (TX) The Corpus Christi Museum of Science & Industry includes the Xeriscape Learning Center and Design Garden. Exhibits and displays include demonstrations, multi-media presentations, on-going ship repair and maintenance, and guides in period costume. 

Denbigh Project: (TX) The DENBIGH Project is an effort by the Institute of Nautical Archaeology at Texas A&M University to identify, document and preserve the wreck of DENBIGH (41GV143), one of the most successful blockade runners of the American Civil War.

Houston Maritime Museum: (TX) Welcome To the Houston Maritime Museum where historic ship models, nautical items are on display along with numerous sea treasures which offer concrete examples of how parts of our world were discovered. Displays such as these make museums special places in our community. They present the public with an opportunity to experience the thrill of personal discovery and to learn by observing and intereacting with whatever a museum might afford.

La Salle Shipwreck Project: (TX) A current effort by the Texas Historical Commission to excavate, preserve, and analyze the remains of the 1686 wreck of the French explorer La Salle's Vessel "Belle." The site offers a unique look into an active nautical archaeology project.

Museums of Port Isabel: (TX) MUSEUMS of Port Isabel is a complex consisting of three diverse facilities, the Port Isabel Historic Museum, the Treasures of the Gulf Museum, and the Point Isabel Lighthouse. All three are within walking distance of each other and are open year around to the public.

National Museum of the Pacific War: (TX) In the middle of Texas, a significant maritime museum located in Fredericksburg which focuses on the life and times of Admiral Chester W. Nimitz in the hotel his grandfather built in 1855. The adjacent George Bush Gallery has become the National Museum of the Pacific War which includes the original Nimitz Hotel Museum site and an outdoor exhibition area with aircraft and other exhibits. The website should be visited as well as the museum itself.

Port Isabel Museums: (TX) The Port Isabel Historical Museum houses exhibits on the history and culture of Port Isabel and the Laguna Madre area in the historic 1899 Charles Champion building, second oldest structure in the area.

Seawolf Park: (TX) In 1911 the United States Immigration Service built an immigration station on Pelican Island (the small island that creates the Galveston Ship Channel with Galveston Island). In 1950, the station was abandoned and sold to the city of Galveston. The City built a bridge to get to Pelican island in 1958 and established Seawolf Park (named after the Seawolf submarine lost in WWII) opened in 1974. The park displays for tours the WWII submarine Cavalla and the destroyer escort Stewart as well as a few other military vehicles.

Texas Maritime Museum: (TX) The mission of the Texas Maritime Museum is to excite and educate the public about Texas maritime history and artifacts. The Museum's purpose is to offer a variety of experiences to children and adults by collecting, preserving, and interpreting items of historical interest for educational purposes and to recount Texas maritime history through artifacts, documents, and other materials of antique or historical value, and to exhibit them to further the public interest, knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of such material and its related historical background.

Texas Seaport Museum: (TX) The Texas Seaport Museum explores Texas' rich legacy of seaborne commerce and immigration in Galveston, Texas. A highlight of the Museum is the 1877 iron barque Elissa which has sailed in the tall ship assemblages in New York Harbor and elsewhere.

U.S.S. Lexington Museum on the Bay: (TX) A vintage wartime aircraft carrier is a floating museum in Corpus Christi, Texas. Well worth a visit.