Australia - New Zealand

Australia - New Zealand


Australian National Maritime Museum: (AUSTRALIA) Darling Harbour, Sydney, is the cradle of Australian maritime commerce close to the site of Australia's first European settlement at Sydney Cove. The Museum was opened on 29 November 1991.

Discovery of the AE2 - Aussie Sub from WWI: (AUSTRALIA) The mission of the Australian submarine AE2 was to pass through the Dardanelles near Turkey. Their were to sink as many ships as possible and after several days of action and avoiding enemy patrol ships, laid on the ocean floor. On April 30, 1914, 'Within seconds (of rising to the surface), the engine room was hit and holed in three places' by enemy torpedoes. Stoker ordered all hands on deck, and assisted by his first officer, Lieutenant Haggard, opened all the tanks to flood AE2 and sink her. She has now been rediscovered and efforts are being made to salvage her.

Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation: (AUSTRALIA) The Western Australian Maritime Museum, Cliff St. Fremantle, is the homeport of the 1606 Dutch East India Company little ship Duyfken, captained by Willem Janszoon, to search for "south and east lands" beyond the furthest reaches of their known world. This is the first historically recorded voyage to Australia.

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum: (AUSTRALIA) Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum in Warrnambool, is a museum set in a recreated Maritime Village where a historic 1872 Lighthouse and Keeper's Cottage can be explored. Visitors can discover underwater treasures in the Shipwreck Museum and climb aboard the historic ships moored in the harbour. A visit to this site will stir you to consider visiting Warrnambool, Australia.

Geelong Maritime Museum: (AUSTRALIA) Owned originally by the Geelong Harbour Trust, also being the first Royal Australian Naval College in 1913 and Australia's first submarine base in the 1920s, Osborne House serves an ideal place for a Naval & Maritime Museum.

Killer Whale Museum: (AUSTRALIA) "Old Tom and the other Killer Whales even alerted the whalemen by lob-tailing and splashing excitedly about to gain their attention, then would lead the whaleboats out to where the rest of the pack were heading the baleen whales in."

Maritime Museum of Tasmania: (AUSTRALIA) The Maritime Heritage of Tasmania in Hobart, is a rich tapestry that reaches into the lives of everyone on the islands. The concept of a publicly displayed collection of maritime history has existed since 1931 when the Shiplovers' Society of Tasmania began lobbying for a "nautical room" as an extension to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG). Tasmania is a small Archipelago (324 Islands at the last count), in that fantastic eco system the Great Southern Ocean...and reasonably unique as one of only four Great South Capes reaching out into it. Before Federation we had our own shipping line and traded freely with ports all over the World. The Port of Hobart has been over the past 200 years the natural gateway to Antarctica for many scientists and explorers.

Port MacDonnell & District Maritime Museum: (AUSTRALIA) Situated in the centre of Port MacDonnell, South Australia's most Southerly town, the Museum is housed in the two rooms of the original port MacDonnell Council Chambers. The Museum is filled with historic photographs, informative text and many artifacts, from the time Lieutenant James Grant first sighted this area of coastline from the deck of H.M.S. Lady Nelson in December 1800 to the town's current prominence as Australia's Southern Rock Lobster Capital.

Queensland Maritime Museum: (AUSTRALIA) Situated on the Brisbane River, Queensland Maritime Museum features historic sailing ship models together with merchant shipping, from early cargo ships to modern container ships, tankers and cruise liners.

South Australian Maritime Museum: (AUSTRALIA) Nestling in the heart of historic Port Adelaide, South Australia's maritime museum extends into in the Bond Stores, the museum's main gallery, where you can go aboard a full-scale copy of a sailing ketch and listen, touch, smell...

Sydney Heritage Fleet: (AUSTRALIA) The Sydney Heritage Fleet, always vitally dependent on the sea for shipping and significant maritime overseas trade, immigration and exploration, takes a very special place amongst the organisations that physically maintain our maritime history; in addition it is also developing the wonders of the internet to make that heritage widely available to all interested and, especially, those beyond the reach of our specialised libraries.

Wallaroo Heritage and Nautical Museum: (SOUTH AUSTRALIA) Wallaroo's heritage is shown though an extensive display of the romantic days of the square rigged sailing ships and the largest pictorial display of sailing ships in the Wallaroo Heritage and Nautical Museum in South Australia in this important social history museum.

Western Australia Maritime Museum: (AUSTRALIA) At the Western Australian Maritime Museum embark on a voyage across virtual oceans.....through roaring storms to shipwrecks & a storehouse of objects... explore the research, projects & publications...

New Zealand

Dargaville Maritime Museum: (NZ) The Dargaville Maritime Museum, situated in Dargaville, New Zealand,is about two and one/half hours drive North of Auckland. The museum shows the history of our local area and how the Kauri timber was milled and exported, with a fairly high loss of ships to the bar harbours on Northlands west coast.

Museum of Wellington City and Sea: (NZ) The Museum of Wellington City and Sea, located at Wellington, NZ, with major archives, ship models.

NEW ZEALAND MUSEUMS ON LINE: (NZ) The New Zealand Museums on Line contains a section, under Collections, a hyperlink for the following New Zealand Museums: Bluff Maritime Museum, Dargaville Maritime Museum, Devonport Historical and Museum Society Inc., Edwin Fox Maritime Centre, Edwin Fox Maritime Centre, Far North Regional Museum, Fyffe House, Gisborne Museum & Arts Centre Te Whare Taonga O Te Tairawhiti, Golden Bay Museum & Gallery, Helensville Pioneer Museum, Hocken Library Uare Toaka o Hakena, Huia Settlers Museum, Kawakawa Memorial Library Centre, Kelly Tarlton's Museum of Shipwrecks, Lyttelton Timeball Station, Mercury Bay District Museum, New Zealand National Maritime Museum, Omapere Museum, Otago Museum, Port Chalmers Museum, Russell Museum, South Taranaki District Museum, Tainui Museum, Taupo District Museum of Art & History, Waiheke Island Historic Museum, Waipu House of Memories, Wellington Maritime Museum, Whanganui Riverboat Centre Museum, Whangaroa County Museum & Archives Society Inc

New Zealand National Maritime Museum: (NZ) Opened to the public in August 1993 and proclaimed as a "new generation" museum with no precedent in Auckland, New Zealand, the New Zealand National Maritime Museum is truly a very different kind of cultural institution. The Maritime Museum's displays are unusual. Many are vessels berthed in the museum's marina -- boats as diverse as a 1926 steam floating crane, Pacific Islands voyaging canoes, a scow, and visitng vessels from around the world.