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Museo Maritimo de Ushuaia: A live Museum where you can find collections ranging from naval models, the history of Antarctic exploration and other varied aspects such as austral wildlife, gold prospecting, the earliest inhabitants and most important of all, the expeditions and research that are currently taking place. All this in the Ex-presidio de Ushuaia, a building of historic importance.


Maritime Brazil: (BRAZIL) Maritime Brazil (Brasil Maritimo) was created on January 1999. When launching this page in the Internet, we have the intention to share, using this method of communication, to provide a way to answer excellent questions regarding the Maritime culture of Brazil.

Navy Cultural Center): (BRAZIL) The Navy Documents Center is the final product of more than a century evolution that started with the Navy Library, that had its beginning at the "Depósito de Escritos Marítimos da Real Academia dos Guardas-Marinha de Portugal" (sea scriptures depot, royal academy of the midshipmen, Portugal), enacted in 1802 and transferred to Brazil as part of the academy in 1808. In 1846 it was enacted the Navy Library.

Rio de Janeiro Naval and Oceanographic Museum: (BRAZIL) The Rio de Janeiro Naval and Oceanographic Museum contains the history of Brazilian Navy with maps, models of ships, publications and pieces on history and oceanography.


Naval and Maritime Museum: (Valparaiso) The Naval and Maritime Museum in Valparaiso, provides information about the Chilean Naval and Maritime historical heritage.